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Access to Capital -- A Collaborative Approach That Works!

The Northland Institute has a specific interest in designing and managing innovative economic development financing programs and services for both rural and urban areas.  Access to capital is often a critical issue for economic growth and survival of neighborhoods and entire communities.  During the past few years, the Institute has developed an innovative gap financing organization for Minnesota and has also helped like-minded organizations establish similar funds in other states.

Minnesota Community Capital Fund

Our Community Capital Fund model focuses on meeting the capital needs of businesses, local governments, and/or nonprofit organizations.  The first of these is the Minnesota Community Capital Fund (MCCF), a nonprofit membership organization that was established in February 2003 to increase the availability of gap-financing capital in rural communities by pooling local economic development funds and providing direct access to national capital markets.  Since its establishment, MCCF has committed more than $36 million for 91 loans to businesses and nonprofits throughout Minnesota.

To learn more about the Minnesota Community Capital Fund, please click on the link below:

Minnesota Community Capital Fund (MCCF)

Expanding the Community Capital Fund Business Model

The Northland Institute's Community Capital Fund model has proven to be very effective as a means of promoting economic development collaboration and providing businesses with the capital they need -- when they need it.

Organizations interested in creating a Fund for their state should contact Scott Martin at the Institute.




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